Animal rights

The City Council bill has activists and community leaders locked in a debate about animal cruelty and cultural traditions.
A new lawsuit charges that the Bronx Zoo is unlawfully imprisoning its 47-year-old Asian elephant.
'Murderers! Shame on you!' shouted a protester wearing a surgical mask and poncho, as she sprayed water in the direction of the chickens.
The Guggenheim Museum has pulled several controversial works from an upcoming survey of Chinese contemporary art, surrendering to an onslaught of protests and alleged threats stemming from the pieces' treatment of animals.
The activists were released without charges being filed against them.
Video appears to show many dead chickens destined for a company that renders them into biodiesel.
Animal rights activists were extra abrasive at this year's kaporos slaughter in Crown Heights.
The ASPCA is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year!
Freddie's fate looked bleak yesterday, but now he's going to a farm sanctuary in New Jersey.
"Certain anti-Jewish and anti-tradition forces" are rallying to stop the ritual, Rabbi Shea Hecth wrote.
"When we visited Tommy, we found him in a small cage at the back of a dark shed at a trailer sales park that's also home to a business called Santa's Hitching Post that rents out reindeer for Christmas show."
"I hope people who saw me at the parade will boycott SeaWorld until it stops tearing families apart and returns these animals to their ocean homes," said the 12 year old.
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