Animal care and control

New York City's animal shelters are overcrowded, unsafe, and poorly operated, according to a damning new report detailing inhumane conditions in the shelters run by the city.
Maury is said to be frightened in the shelter environment. POOR MAURY.
The wounded stray dog, who was picked up by Animal Care and Control earlier this month, was nearly euthanized over concerns he might have rabies
Three adult pit bulls still need to be adopted, and there is also a litter of eight adorable puppies available, as you can see in the photos above.
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer released a damning report on the deplorable conditions and rampant mismanagement at Animal Care and Control, the city's major animal shelter system.
You might think to yourself, no human being could possibly "throw out" two adorable dogs like the two above—but unfortunately, you'd be very wrong.
"It smelled like dog feces and urine,” said neighbor Stacey Krauf. “You could smell it across the street.”
The NYPD says Animal Care & Control met the D train the opossum occupied in the Bronx. But Animal Care & Control says they were not involved!
What would you do if you came home to find a rooster in your kitchen?
Willow's owner said, "My husband and I didn't want to tell the kids until we knew it was definitely her. They emailed the photo and it was her. The kids are so excited."
The Bronx snake at Animal Care and Control. (Via the Wall
The sewer gator spotted in Astoria over the weekend is really
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