Animal care

Glowing eyes peering down from trees and from behind gravestones, the night
The family dog who fatally bit an 8-month-old baby in Brooklyn was
An appellate court ruled this week that a 71-year-old woman could remain
The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals thinks the Port Authority is a
The two detectives who were shot during an early morning Bronx shootout
Some neighbors were relieved when the ASPCA arrived in their Carnarsie neighborhood
What is wrong with people? The director of the Mount Vernon
Emergency newswires are reporting that Port Authority cops requested that the Emergency
If you see a cat or dog in a "wanted" poster
During the summers, city shelters see a spike in unwanted pets, and
Slaughterhouses may have mostly disappeared from New York City's municipal landscape, but
The man who throttled, stomped, kicked, and beat a peacock into a
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