Animal abuse

"I threw the dog down the incinerator because I don't like him," Dominiqua Parrish reportedly said of the "small, golden-haired dog" she tossed down a garbage chute.
The Animal Haven Shelter says that this happened in November and December.
She was arrested for animal cruelty after a video surfaced allegedly showing her throwing a cat from a building
Chatway was reportedly yelling at a dog walker before attacking the two dogs, both of which suffered burn injuries.
The tar was "boiling" on the roof.
He's been charged with torturing and injuring his horses.
The suspect got out of prison in 2014, having served 11 years for manslaughter.
When a stranger tried to intervene, the animal abuser allegedly slashed him.
Nearly all of the animals were emaciated, and one was so sick she had to be euthanized, the DA said.
His girlfriend set up a camera in their apartment when she suspected something was wrong with the dog.
The cat has numerous broken bones, broken teeth, ripped out nails and burns.
His girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter was in the apartment at the time.
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