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The governor is in Albany today, according to his schedule.

"There are better places to stay if you are a Latino with any self respect."

If your internet is acting funky this morning, don't panic: it's just Time Warner Cable undergoing a massive outage!

William Hotz sent a message loud and clear to the world that day: I may scream, but you will always scream longest and loudest when you deny me my ice cream coupon.

As for why she legally changed her name to Kanye West in April 2011, she said: "There are a lot of girls who like him and I wanted to show that I'm more than them."

Just because there's no room for car dealerships to park their cars on the sidewalk—and just because it's illegal and rude—won't stop some from doing it.

Is the video below—in which a disgruntled driver cuts down a parking meter with a chainsaw—real or fake?

We're not going to beat around the bush: we've really missed kooky