Angelica kitchen

The restaurant closes Friday after 40 years in the East Village.
On April 7th, the vegan restaurant will serve its last meal. It was a pioneer in both the macrobiotic/vegan scene in NYC, as well as an early champion of the farm-to-table movement.
Even though veganism is reaching a saturation point in NYC, the stalwart hasn't been able to survive amidst rising rent and other associated costs.
The most influential vegan restaurant in NYC is struggling to stay afloat.
There are still a few mouthwatering dining options for the city's non-meat-eating set, so there's no need to start foraging in Central Park. Here are our favorites.
Though your unyielding carnivore of a father might turn his nose up at bean curd, much of New York's vegetarian fare is just as much of a culinary triumph as its porterhouses.
Given the conspicuous absence of farmers in New York City, the decision
Living in New York, it's easy for our gourmet desires to take
The Angelica Home Kitchen: Recipes and Rabble Rousings from an Organic Vegan
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