Andy golub

The painted designs on the naked bodies were striking, the gawkers many.
The event was to promote body positivity: 'Maybe someday others won't feel so bad about the way they look.'
The fully nude models came in all shapes and sizes, and turned Dag Hammarskjold Plaza into a huge, living-art spectacle.
A trio of fully naked volunteers, including a member of the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, were transformed by artist and activist Andy Golub into colorful works of art.
The human body "is a perfect machine and to shame that and say it's not suitable for public view, when we're surrounded by mostly advertisements of naked women, is ridiculous."
People of all body types were transformed into pretty amazing pieces of art.
The two naked women attracted a steady stream of gawkers and admirers passing by the library.
The video shows park police informing two nude female models that they need to "cover up their bottoms."
Can't get enough of that public nudity.
Cookie Monster can't take his googly eyes off some semi-nude women in Times Square.
Hide your eyes, children and prudes: there are young, naked New Yorkers on the loose again.
When going fully nude in public, always declare it's for an art project.
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