Andre balazs

What would an airport Boom Boom Room look like?
Hotelier Andre Balazs is reportedly turning the decaying but gorgeous 19th century building at 5 Beekman into a hotel.
Andre Balazs, of the Standard Hotels, is now in charge at the Cooper Square Hotel. Be afraid.
A sign of the future? (original image via peterkreder'sflickr) The Standard
The Hotel Chelsea roof, by Sam Horine Is the Hotel Chelsea
As the legend of the Hotel Chelsea evaporates (allegedly!), one Mr.
Courtney Love has been threatening to leave Twitter all weekend—let's hope
After weeks of trying to make it work, Robert Valin has
Andre Balazs of the Standard Hotel claims he's not the one
Prefab housing isn't just for the..."thrifty" anymore! Yesterday Wired featured a
Back in May we asked what you thought of a Sex and
All sorts of people have been showing up at the Hotel Chelsea,
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