Anderson cooper

Kellyanne Conway has been on a post-facts tear, tremendous job, the best really.
"I believe my husband. My husband didn't do anything."
At least, that's what people are telling TMZ—but who the hell knows.
Madonna wants to join the Boy Scouts, "Most importantly, I know how to scout for boys!"
Stop what you are doing and take a moment to remember exactly where you were the moment you found out the obvious: Anderson Cooper is gay. Who is next?
Could the flashy girl from Flushing, the Nanny named Fran, be heading to Washington?
Kathy Griffin knows no bounds.
Tragedy befalls the newly minted daytime TV host, when one of his teenage guests winds up in a coma after following instructions from the show's producers.
Mayor Bloomberg believes Willow was drawn to NYC because even cats know New York is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD.
And Stephen Colbert makes fun of the whole thing.
File under: Amazing Things We Didn't Even Know We Wanted: Anderson Cooper reads from Snooki's bestselling novel.
The journalist and now ex-NYU fellow who belittled the "brutal and
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