Amy adams

A major fashion label reached peak tone-deafness this week after a PR flack sent out an email blast to promote the fact that Amy Adams was carrying one of their bags to Hoffman's wake.
"Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor." And, apparently, neither is the Public Theater's star-studded revival of Into the Woods. Its run just got shortened by a day.
Amy Adams is going to get a chance to belt Broadway tunes in Central Park this summer. Again.
After years of waiting, the first trailer for the new Jason Segel-scripted Muppet movie is out and is... for another movie?
Photo courtesy Mike Lewis. If you passed by St. Paul’s Chapel near
Early this morning Hayden Panettiere and other Hollywood elite looked ready to
Thanksgiving officially marks the start of the holiday movie season, and
The Ex (directed by Jesse Peretz): A Zach Braff movie wherein shlubby
As Jon Stewart takes to the stage this Sunday at 8 pm
It's the itch we can't scratch - the Academy Awards. We make
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