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Byford, known in the NYC area as "Train Daddy," will oversee the national railroad’s high-speed rail programs, according to a memo announcing his hiring.

The project to build a new rail tunnel beneath the Hudson River and rehab an existing one will cost $16 billion and not be complete until 2038.

There are no seats in the main hall, where people wait for trains.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, however, has concerns for long-awaited project.

The long-stalled Gateway Project is expected to move to the front of the infrastructure project line under the Biden administration.

“This project, politically, for a president, is nothing but upsides. It creates jobs in the short run. It fosters the economy in the long run. And it’s necessary which everyone agrees on.”

A work train derailed Thursday night leading to multiple Amtrak train delays Friday morning.

The incident happened around 11 a.m., according to the FDNY.

Emergency officials are responding to packed, hot commuter trains currently stuck under the streets of Midtown, after Amtrak officials made the decision to shut off all power on the tracks between Philadelphia and Penn Station.