Ample hills

A big opening day crowd turned out for some good vibes and excellent scoops.
Ample Hills has collaborated with Clinton Hill's Mekelburg's to make the cake-filled ice cream we'll be craving all summer.
Get ready for massive lines and creative pie shakes at Ample Hills new High Line location.
The kiosk will be open on weekends for five weeks, then seven days a week beginning Memorial Day weekend.
It'll be a balmy 40 degrees or so tomorrow, so stop by for a cone.
Ice cream is the most delicious of all summer treats. Here's where to get the best.
One of the best, if not the best small batch ice cream purveyors in New York City just opened a big new flagship location in Gowanus.
Is it summer yet? NOW, PLEASE.
Chocolate bacon ice cream, anyone?
Finally, someone had to good sense to transfer the meticulous craftsmanship of Walter White's blue meth into an equally addictive, but far less dangerous, form: "Heisenberry" ice cream. We know how Tuco feels about this.
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