American psycho

The Doctor becomes the Psycho.
Kanye has put out an American Psycho parody video starring Scott Disick butchering the role Patrick Bateman.
We spoke with author about his involvement with the production, his thoughts on Taylor Swift, and why the hell he left New York for Los Angeles, the city he once ran away from.
Plus... a first listen to one of the songs Duncan Sheik created for the musical.
Huey Lewis and Weird Al Yankovic are Christian Bale and Jared Leto, respectively.
Ain't no party like a Patrick Bateman Party!
Blame Netflix for bringing Blockbuster's house of cards to the ground.
We have the exclusive details about the American Psycho musical's songs, straight from Duncan Sheik—who scored the production—himself.
Or you can just go to Texarkana for some mud soup.
Guess this is how literary gold is spun these days?
There are so many potential psychos to choose from, but only one can slip effortlessly into a double-breasted suit.
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