American kennel club

NYC loves Frenchies, I don't know.
The American Kennel Club returns the museum to NYC, with fine art, historical artifacts, and new 'digital interactive experiences.'
This museum is really going to the dogs. GET IT?
The American Kennel Club has unleashed (yes) its list of the most popular dogs in the city, in addition to specifying the most popular breeds by neighborhood.
The Yorkshire Terrier was NYC's most popular purebred dog last year. And what's not to like? They're spunky, hypoallergenic, good at learning new tricks, and some of them really hate toilets.
Photo via any.g's flickr New Yorkers love their Yorkies—according to the
What does the Westminster dog show have in common with the KKK?
The 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show arrives at Madison Square Garden
The American Kennel Club annually releases a list of the most popular
People Who Make Us Sick - This past weekend, a Queens man
The American Kennel Club says that the number one breed of dog
The NY Post puts the mug of a puggle - a mix
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