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"Why are you taking his word over mine? Because he is in first class? If you are kicking me off you have to kick both of us.”

“We know who employs Sky Chefs is American Airlines...They’re holding the money.”

American Airlines is facing a lawsuit from the city for allegedly retaliating against employees who attempted to take paid sick leave.

"I cried the whole way back and many others did also."

Sources tell the tabloids that she may have had a botched abortion.

The NAACP says the airline's employees have a pattern of 'troublesome conduct' that black travelers should take into consideration.

A New York City woman says she was the victim of a sexual crime while on an American Airlines flight, and received no help from the crew.

American Airlines says this new move will help them compete with ultra-low cost airlines like Southwest and Spirit.

The outage knocked out lights, air conditioning, conveyor belts, elevators, escalators, and the baggage screening system.