Comprehensive data is also unavailable on response times despite a law stating that the city needs to share these numbers with the public on a regular basis.
Family members identified the victim as Jamil Almansouri, the owner of a nearby bodega.
Some City Councilmembers say YES, so we're taking this opportunity to listen to a variety of emergency siren sounds and decide which is best for us. JOIN US! JOIN US! JOIN US! WOOOOOOOOOOP!
The EMT and her partner had pulled over because the suspect was riding on the ambulance's bumper.
EMT Eric Stone, 22, could face disciplinary action for his goofy and reckless shenanigans.
In East New York, a hit-and-run driver mowed down a woman crossing the street around the same time.
An 81-year-old man was struck and killed by an FDNY ambulance driver on 14th Street Monday.
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who is sick of the ambulances idling outside his apartment, but feels guilty complaining about it.
A cyclist was fatally struck in Flushing this morning by the driver of a private ambulance.
The ambulance was apparently responding to an emergency.
A collision between a sanitation truck and an ambulance in Crown Heights has left three people hospitalized in serious condition.
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