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Given the generous portions at very vintage prices—fat pastrami sandwiches for 99¢!—it was no surprise that hundreds of people showed up on Saturday soak in the vibe.

In the absence of a trust-buster in the White House, is there anything that mere mortals can do to reduce Amazon's sway over our lives and pocketbooks?

Like the rest of the Prime Now perks, you'll have to be a member of Amazon Prime to enjoy the delivery services.

Every other borough, excluding a portion of Queens, has same-day delivery service available from Amazon Prime.

The Big Lebowski, Gremlins, You've Got Mail, and all the rom coms you need.

Ghostbusters, The Big Short, and a whole lot of TV shows will be added to Amazon Prime in March.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, these are the movies and TV show that will be free to stream in February. (And what's new that you can pay for.)

No cable? You can have sharks, too. Here's our DIY Shark Week Guide.