In an administrative complaint sent to the tech behemoth, New York State’s Division of Human Rights outlines several accounts of workers whose requests for modified duties or scheduling were ignored.
The lawsuit filed last year accused the retailer of failing to protect workers during the pandemic, and unlawfully retaliating against those who spoke up about conditions.
Union lawyers said they suspect the move was retaliatory.
While the LDJ5 had about a fifth of the workers than JFK8, the campaign presented unique challenges.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders are joining forces with the Amazon Labor Union to call on the company to come to the negotiating table as a second Staten Island warehouse prepares for a union election.
Amazon labor organizers on Staten Island are gearing up for their second big test while the company is doubling down on its anti-union message.
Organizers have been ratcheting up their outreach in recent weeks for a vote that could have a profound impact on the e-commerce empire.
There has been a flurry of high-profile union organizing in New York City in recent months. And as the U.S. economy struggles to fill open jobs, workers have a rare upper hand.
The election will be held in person between March 25 and 30th, according to union organizers.
Workers say a second union drive announced this week went ahead despite Amazon's heavy-handed tactics.
Frustrated commuters were unable to use the ubiquitous blue bikes to get to work.
The department store has asked for a restraining order prohibiting a real estate company from leasing the 2,200-square foot billboard from the online behemoth.
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