Amanda palmer

Amanda Palmer is criticizing PETA for their new ad, which criticizes "fur trim" and promotes the Brazilian waxing lifestyle.
Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra dropped by the South Street Seaport Museum earlier this month to film a few songs for our Gothamist House series. Here they are!
For $55 you'll get an open bar, snacks, and an intimate performance by Amanda Palmer—not a bad deal!
Amanda Palmer set a modest goal of $100,000 for her Kickstarter campaign last month... and when it ended last week, she had raised over a million dollars. Here's why that's important, for everyone...
Amanda Palmer performed for the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and we captured it all on film. Enjoy!
Scenes from Amanda Palmer Occupying Wall Street yesterday (video to come!).
via Sad Portraits of Closed Record Stores on BuzzFeed Tomorrow is
Last week Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley's (somewhat controversial) project Evelyn/Evelyn took
We'll be hosting a little invite-only party for Amanda Palmer this
When Amanda Palmer first started getting the PR wheels in motion
The lovely and talented Miss Amanda Palmer emailed us this morning with
Amanda Palmer coined the term and genre "Brechtian punk cabaret" for her
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