Amanda cohen

The Dirt Candy chef made a burger that releases 98% fewer greenhouse gasses than a beef patty and causes 78 times less water pollution.
The a la carte menu will only be offered at the bar, if you're sitting at a table you'll have two options.
Save up and order everything.
What is friendlier-sounding than a Canadian night at a vegetarian restaurant?
Like popcorn shrimp, but vegetarian.
Here's a look at the popular vegetarian restaurant's new brunch service.
There's no going back to french fries after this.
The DIY Brussels Sprouts Tacos look insanely delicious.
The restaurant will add an "administrative fee" around 20% to every check.
Saturday, August 30th will be the last day of service for broccoli hot dogs and the restaurant's other vegetable-driven dishes—for now!
Time magazine attracted the ire of the food world this week by not including any female chefs in its November 18th issue dedicated to "The Gods of Food."
Soon enough, people, soon enough (Harris Graber's flickr). Besides pretty flowers
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