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An interactive map shows where the most sightings have been reported in the last 21 years.

The American Meteor Society says it wasn't aliens, but you can draw your own conclusions about that.

Pine Bush, New York is known as "The Roswell of the East Coast."

"They have completely different DNA from the rest of us," said amateur alien archivist Robert Dankner, who's also president of Prime Manhattan Residential, which caters to rich extraterrestrials (they prefer the term "young tech millionaires").

They're heeeeere: A UFO was spotted over Brooklyn.

Without getting too spoiler-y, here's a look at some things that showed up during last night's Mad Men: from Howard Johnson's to LSD to alien interest in 1966.

Michael Bay has made a career out of exhuming the bodies of beloved children's toys and historical events and mutilating them into gaudy CGI-infused cinema gold—and now he's set on ruining Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

A UFO was recently spotted flying around the World Trade Center site, probably to check up on the construction and make sure the Port Authority's budget is being put to good use.

A Brooklyn man has started a 24-hour UFO hotline, empowering NYers

Buzzkill Aldrin! Aliens don't exist... or do they? While the lamestream