Bars, restaurants, and booze-vending venues will be exempt.
"No one is immune. Seek help and regain your personal pathway through life," he said.
The flight was delayed for ten hours as United scrambled to replace the pilots.
Science has found a neurological link that could explain alcohol dependency, which could help in preventing alcoholism.
"My brother was complaining he couldn't breathe."
Sabathia posted the meme of the dog scooping his poop to his Instagram with a statement.
He faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.
New witness accounts emerge and the dive-bar breaks its silence.
An off-duty cop who started his day at a firing range allegedly capped off his night by pulling up next to a car at a stop light in the Westchester town of Pelham and firing 13 rounds at the vehicle, nearly killing a passenger.
"I’m in the military, what can I get for free?"
Aunt Flo would be so proud.
The mayoral hopeful turned to the Times to talk about her past struggles, but it has nothing to do with her campaign.
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