The Democratic mayor is trying to get lawmakers to extend mayoral control of schools.
“We need every tool available to us to save lives and fight the rise in reckless drivers," DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez said.
Bikers took off on a roughly 200-mile ride from Battery Park, and will arrive in the state’s capital on Earth Day next week
Defense lawyers, who had fought the change, now say they are mostly untroubled by it.
The budget, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s first one, was more than a week late.
Lawyers and open-records advocates are battling over a change to the Freedom of Information Law.
Only a small fraction of NYC's streets have red-light cameras, which give tickets to speeders and prevent speeding.
The city does not have control over two integral ways to reduce traffic crashes on streets across the five boroughs, and Mayor Adams wants to change that.
On his first “Tin Cup Day,” the mayor doubled down on calls to amend bail reform while seeking more funding to help working class New Yorkers and the mentally ill.
Albany observers say a plan for independent redistricting in New York was doomed from the start.
The new districts could have a national impact as Democrats fight to maintain control of Congress.
As Brooklyn president, Adams sought to shield minors from being tried as adults.
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