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The closely watched bill would seal most criminal records in New York state after a certain window of time.

Proponents of the changes say they will make New Yorkers safer, but opponents disagree.

If the proposed laws pass, judges will have more freedom to monitor and hold people accused of crimes.

Budget negotiations stalled for nearly four weeks before state legislators and Gov. Kathy Hochul could agree on what to do with hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars.

The state Legislature passed a one-week extender, which will essentially push the budget deadline to April 10.

The law would have helped a Queens man whose murder conviction was overturned this week, his lawyer said.

With a budget deadline looming, state lawmakers are grappling with how much to raise New York’s minimum wage.

The budget hearing featured no real fireworks, with state lawmakers appearing to be generally sympathetic to the mayor’s fiscal concerns.

The full Senate vote came a month after a key committee voted Hector LaSalle down and a week after the GOP sued.

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended a .05 limit since 2013, but Utah is the only state to adopt it so far.