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“There’s no one here who’s saying something so egregious that I had to come in and had to stop somebody, so I decided to put my time in ranked-voting."

“This shows, while the silent majority four years ago spoke their truth, this is our truth now."

Among the guests is Robert F. Kennedy, who is suing New York State over vaccine exemptions.

Sanders laid out his vision of the future for the Democratic Party, but wouldn't commit to switching his party affiliation to officially join the party.

The NYPD says it probably wasn't a hate crime, but Sharpton and Dayshen McKenzie's family want a full investigation.

Dayshen McKenzie died from an asthma attack after being chased by a group yelling racist slurs at him.

After his resounding primary win in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders made his way back to NYC for some important meetings. First was breakfast (or just tea?) at Sylvia's with Al Sharpton.

"If someone...has been empowered by holding his gun and going abusing it and killing innocent people, he should not be entitled to do the same work."

He says he wanted to keep the focus on "the brutal, senseless murder."

The pastor at Officer Randolph Holder's family's church said his death should be a "catalyst for unification."