Al qaeda

Along with two co-conspirators, he planned to carry out a rush hour bombing of the subway on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
A CBS News investigative producer was told about the possible threat by "sources."
Suspected Chelsea bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami may have learned how to make explosives thanks to instructions in al-Qaeda's premiere magazine.
Accused terrorist Abid Naseer said that he was never sending coded messages to his terror supervisor—he was just bragging about his skills with the ladies.
Jury selection begins today for the trial of the son-in-law and alleged spokesman of Osama Bin Laden
He won't be the new spokesman.
Prosecutors say he planned to carry out violent actions overseas with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, one of the most active and militant wings of the terrorist organization.
Warm clothes are as dangerous as weapons!
59 people have been killed and at least 175 have been injured, and the terrorists are reportedly holding around 30 hostages.
It's unclear whether the threat is credible.
The intelligence community leaked the story, but that leak now harms future intelligence operations.
A joint investigation between American and Canadian law enforcement agencies has culminated with the arrest of two men in Canada for allegedly plotting to bomb a commuter train.
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