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We'll be updating this post all day on what happens at the People's Climate March.
Mayor Bloomberg laid out a series of steps to assess the city's progress in responding to Sandy's devastation and combat the threat of future storms caused by global warming.
Olbermann and Gore would sometimes correspond directly when the anchor felt he needed to cut the middlemen to get his point across, but Gore's emails were "polite but vague."
Based on reports, it sounds as if Keith didn't feel like working for a low-budget TV network—and that low-budget TV network were tired of putting up with a high-maintenance talking head.
Mayor Bloomberg isn't taking any chances (or trips to Bermuda) this year when it snows.
A new poll finds that Occupy Wall Street has more name recognition than the eight Republican presidential candidates. Oh, and Al Gore supports OWS!
Keith Olbermann returned to cable television last night with his Current
[UPDATE BELOW] Former MSNBC news host Keith Olbermann will announce his
Directly commenting on Star Magazine's "exclusive" that Al Gore has been
Tipper, Al, Larry and Laurie at the premier of An Inconvenient
Politico broke the news that former Vice President and presidential candidate
Yesterday, Al Gore fired back at those who point to the
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