Airport security

LaGuardia Airport is a nightmare tonight as Port Authority police and the NYPD bomb squad investigates an unattended vehicle.
The Department of Homeland Security just takes and takes and takes.
Yesterday, the TSA took disciplinary action against nearly three dozen employees responsible for screening baggage, suspending some and firing others.
Christmas is saved!
As much as we're irritated by the TSA in the airport, we love the TSA in our inboxes, because the agency is never shy about sharing all of the weird and wondrous weapons they find.
After a series of embarrassing airport security incidents, Senator Chuck Schumer called on the TSA to implement "passenger advocates" at airports.
Hefni, who was living on the Upper East Side, has been charged with misdemeanor weapons possession. He was flagged after a TSA agent "spotted the outline of weapons" inside his checked bag.
With the demise of the worst aspects of the porno-scanners comes new hope for people who want to be treated like human beings when passing through airport security.
Heightened security measures may include "increased use of existing procedures, including behavior-detection officers and airport interviews," along with "pat-down searches, and efforts to detect traces of explosives" by swabbing passengers' skin and clothing.
What kind of nation have we become when royalty like Miss USA
If the TSA weren't so inept and eager to touch our
At least nine private security guards have been fired by a
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