Air travel at the NYC area airports is expected to be near pre-pandemic levels.
New York State legalized marijuana in March.
The nightmare began on Wednesday afternoon, when Delta Flight 975 was scheduled to depart JFK for Los Angeles at 3:30. Instead, it was delayed for 18 hours.
The computer system for the nation's customs service failed on Friday, creating huge bottlenecks at airports where agents have been processing people manually.
"People were upside down. People were falling. Everyone was screaming. We thought this is the end."
Mothers can now nurse or pump privately at Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, and Stewart Airports.
Don't look now, but LaGuardia might actually be getting less hideous?
Did someone forget their luggage?
A plane with an unconfirmed number of sick passengers has been quarantined after landing at JFK Airport on Wednesday morning.
A record rainfall was set at JFK on Sunday, which compounded a giant geyser inside Terminal 8.
The new connection will deliver commuters to the airport from the Willets Point station, which is actually east of the airport, next to Citi Field.
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