The man reportedly said he suffered from PTSD and needed to get off the plane before it took off.
Videos like this make us curse the Wright Brothers for ever giving us the gift of flight.
'No one was hurt in this incident, including the bat.'
Unfortunately, the airport is still in New Jersey.
It appears the Internet, much like our readership, is split over this issue.
We took to the streets with a decibel meter to see what was up, and, well, it's pretty deafening.
The only thing louder than the roar of overhead planes may be Park Slope resident's complaints about them, but one Woodside resident really put things in perspective with the above photo.
The neighborhood has been subjected to airplane cacophony for years, but residents say it's recently gotten worse.
The surprising thing about the recent uptick of in-air passenger disputes over reclined seats isn't that they're happening—it's that they didn't happen more before.
Not to worry, airplanes are loaded with all sorts of extra duplicate parts they don't really need.
Air travel used to include sick lounges and spiral staircases.
There's also a semi-related knee-in-groin bet with British Airways.
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