It's just like Leonard Cohen once sang: I have seen the future of airline seating, brother, and it is murder.
The CEO of Ethiopian Airlines says that the pilot was having flight control problems.
A New York City woman says she was the victim of a sexual crime while on an American Airlines flight, and received no help from the crew.
There is only one legendary local weatherman who dares to stand up to Big Airline.
The suspect allegedly shoved two flight attendants, and then punched a third who was trying to calm him down.
Southwest is now the only airline in the U.S. to allow free checked bags.
Capitalism's a bitch., a website dedicated to helping passengers book less expensive multi-stop flights, then bail before their final destination, is currently facing a lawsuit from United and the travel booking company Orbitz.
Last year, airline companies made nearly $32 billion in bag fees, boarding upgrades, and enhanced legroom charges.
This week, our minds have been consumed not with the catastrophic violence and unrest occurring both at home and abroad, but a much more localized form of strife: Airplane seat recliners verses the Knee Defenders.
American/US Airways, Delta, and United all recently shrunk the carry-on restriction size.
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