'They're making announcements but I can't hear anything [because] people are screaming.'
The NAACP says the airline's employees have a pattern of 'troublesome conduct' that black travelers should take into consideration.
The airline claims the family "became agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew," though recorded video shows otherwise.
Passengers aboard a U.S. Airways Express flight from Philadelphia to Long Island's MacArthur Airport staged a protest on Wednesday after flight personnel hassled a blind man over his guide dog.
A spokeswoman for El Al, Israel's national airline, who told us this is no longer a concern, because planes have been specifically re-routed to not fly over cemeteries anymore.
A supermodel has gone on the offensive against United Airlines, claiming that they killed her beloved golden retriever during a cross-country trip, and then lied about investigating the death.
Rich people tantrums will not be tolerated!
Not news to anyone who's ever heard their parents say, "Of course you don't have to come home; hopefully Grandma Tilly will live long enough to see you next year."
Three people locked themselves in the bathroom of a NY-bound American Airlines Flight this afternoon, but DON'T WORRY! It's not terrorism related.
Fancy beds, on-demand video, leg room and more...but will travelers be the ones who end up paying?
The Steven Slater saga continues! The JetBlue flight attendant's Folk Hero title
Steven Slater's famous exit from JetBlue may have made him a
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