Sarah Jessica Parker will play a realistic absentee landlord by giving you a "virtual greeting," then she will throw in "a narration reminiscent of each episode’s thought-provoking intro."
The registration on the vans, from New Jersey but parked in New York City, had long expired.
It took hours for police from seven different local departments to disperse the crowd on Sunday.
The company had faced increasing criticism that as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads in the states, customers who wanted to cancel bookings were receiving less than full refunds.
The fight over restrictions on short-term rentals was the most expensive local referendum in New Jersey's history.
Proposed regulations would cap short-term rentals to 60 days per year.
A complaint alleges that 13 people and entities misled guests into illegal, unsafe short-term rentals.
The case substantiates one of the sharpest criticisms against Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms: that it incentivizes greedy landlords to harass and force out rent-stabilized tenants to make room for illegal hotel schemes.
A new state bill seeks to create laws that would override New York City’s set of stringent and often complex regulations on the home-sharing industry.
De Blasio is demanding Airbnb hand over personal data on roughly 20,0000 listings in NYC, saying that such sites encourage the use of illegal hotels that wind up draining the city's affordable housing supply.
New York City's Office of Special Enforcement is suing a Manhattan real estate brokerage firm for $21 million.
'The decision today is a huge win for Airbnb and its users.'
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