Air quality

The annual State of the Air report once again gave failing grades to ozone levels in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx and Suffolk County. But Staten Island managed to improve to a D.
Studies have shown that wildfire pollution is more hazardous than car pollution, and the danger mounts over long distances.
Are you a non-smoker who has desk job and bikes to work about 30 minutes each way who wants to join our study?
It feels like summer out there, but don't run around too fast in celebration, owing to the day's crappy air quality.
Linked together, the cars form one long, open subway train, allowing for up to 10 percent more space for passengers per train.
The NWS has got a quadruple-whammy for you: heat advisory, hazardous weather outlook, air quality alert, AND a flash flood warning.
The Columbia Center studied 233 pregnant New York women and their children from pregnancy to late childhood and found that their kids were five times more likely to develop ADHD-like symptoms
State officials say you should avoid outdoor exercise until 10 p.m.
New York City isn't the most polluted city, but it's got a long way to go.
The improvements have prevented 800 deaths and 2,000 emergency room visits each year.
Incredibly, the air around this pristine metropolis we live in is filled with crap.
Try not to breathe or move around outside for the next 24 hours or so.
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