Air pollution

The annual State of the Air report once again gave failing grades to ozone levels in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx and Suffolk County. But Staten Island managed to improve to a D.
Neighborhoods once considered ‘unfavorable’ for home loans are more polluted than average.
The site may also be eligible for federal funds, including a recent influx of $3.5 billion to the Superfund Remedial Program from the bipartisan infrastructure law, which President Biden ratified in November 2021.
Despite declining pollution levels, two recent studies published found urban air is still a health hazard for city dwellers.
COVID-19 has pushed all of us to wear face coverings to mitigate the spread of the virus. But that habit may help reduce exposure to air pollution inside NYC's train stations.
If passed, establishments using coal ovens would be required to drop thousands of dollars on air filter systems for the ovens.
The improvements have prevented 800 deaths and 2,000 emergency room visits each year.
Though the EPA will be on hand to monitor air quality concerns, the city has granted the company involved in the burning exceptions to two portions of the Air Pollution Control Code.
Say what you will about a tube full of hockey fans breathing fetid air—including Hall of Famer Rod Gilbert—they can sure sniff out the nerd
via Nien Lam If you're detoxing after Fashion Week (or simply
Levels of fine particles in the air. (Via Department of Health)
New York City Community Air Survey One of the city's wealthiest
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