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The Air Force is no longer distributing a brochure about Sex Assault Prevention that advised victims to consider submitting to their assailants instead of fighting back.

The Air Force invited media aboard a KC-10 Extender to watch it refuel three F-15s above the Atlantic Ocean yesterday. Here are photos from the military exercises.

According to Bloomberg News, the devices would "lighten the load of flight crews," who have to lug navigation charts and paper-bound manuals that can weigh as much as 40 pounds.

Some pretty shots of the flyover from this morning—apparently it was the

From the city's Office of Emergency Management: "There will be a flyover

A few more details about yesterday's incident where Air Force 2

Back in September last year friends Blake Hayes, Alec Bell and

Last September WPLJ deejay Blake Hayes (pictured left), and cabaret and

Hey! The Pentagon is just like us, tracking blogs and social

Happy Friday—the Pentagon has released more photographs from the Presidential Airlift Group's