Air conditioner

A complex seasonal quandary.
On Friday, the Regional Plan Association released their report on the hottest subway platforms, based on measurements taken at the ten busiest stations.
'He was eating an ice cream cone when he looked up and saw this thing coming down.'
They're everywhere, you didn't know they had a name, and they're a blight on the city.
It's important to adhere to some safety rules so you don't reduce your home to a pile of ashes.
"It takes me about a full minute to realize I am bleeding from several places."
In a true NYC nightmare come to life, a 28-year-old woman was nearly killed by a falling air conditioner in Harlem last weekend.
But plenty of other things will!
People! You really need to properly install your air conditioners! Otherwise the FDNY is going to get called to your house to do it for you.
A new relief program is offering free air conditioners to those who need them most.
Courtesy Eater After surviving the horrors of Vietnam and a hellish
Last night a woman clung to an air conditioner to escape
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