The group of ex-NY1 employees say they’re at the mercy of Charter Communications to submit their work for Emmys consideration because they don't have access to their footage.
'We want to fight ageism, and it has to be something that's very very visible. Even a worker who's 20 now, they'd better pay attention, because that could happen to them 20 years later.'
The suit alleges that older female employees and employees of color were paid less than their white counterparts.
A reporter and a photographer, both in their twenties, tried to seek shelter in a designated cooling center. But they were turned away simply because of their age. Quick, someone start an Indiegogo fundraiser!
At long last, machines have replaced those insufferable humans who hand out free samples of food products to the greedy masses!
The Harem aka Parisian Women Dresses as Algerians, by Renoir Yet
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