Age discrimination

Forty-six judges who will be losing their jobs at the end of the year claim there’s no justifiable budgetary reason for letting them go.
'We want to fight ageism, and it has to be something that's very very visible. Even a worker who's 20 now, they'd better pay attention, because that could happen to them 20 years later.'
"Men and younger women... are getting the top anchor positions and time slots while older women are pushed aside and marginalized."
Is the crowded, uncomfortable and noisy communal dining moment in the New York restaurant scene almost over? No, it appears to be more popular than ever—with the kids, at least. With the grownups, though?
An 80-year-old woman is suing Home Depot for age discrimination after
Are Marvin Scott and Kaity Tong too old for TV? Former
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