Bars, restaurants, and booze-vending venues will be exempt.
"We're trying to explain to the cop, 'We don't want to get on the train. We just want MetroCards.'"
The four-minute long short, titled "Come Together," brings back fond memories of the highly underrated 'The Darjeeling Limited.'
More kids are vaping than smoking nowadays.
To be sure, not everyone is happy about this new trend of using chalkboards for sidewalk advertising.
The future of America is coming, and it wants your job. Just like every other generation before it.
...and maybe that's for the best?
Update: McConaughey's still a tool.
There's a lot going on in this advertisement for the "worlds thinnest" bicycle tracking device, featuring a svelte set of legs that maybe haven't spent a whole lot of time pedaling anywhere.
Big (Advertising) Brother is going to have to be more stealth.
In summation: advertising is horrible, not that there's anything wrong with that.
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