Adrienne adams

The long, drawn out saga of the Adams administration’s cuts to school budgets has had many twists and turns over the past couple months.
A state Supreme Court ruling on Friday nullified the city’s education budget, and the Adams administration has filed a notice of appeal, further delaying clarity on school funding.
Sources close to the negotiations say the deal has stalled due to a demand from the mayor's office that the council agree to future cuts to school budgets.
Schools Chancellor David Banks has promised to convene a task force to overhaul the city’s Fair Student Funding formula, which some education advocates have decried as inequitable.
The City Council speaker adamantly rejected reports that she sought to punish members who voted against the budget.
In her first State of the City address, Adrienne Adams says the city needs to invest more in affordable housing to help unhoused and low-income New Yorkers.
Speaker Adrienne Adams did not specify Tuesday where she wanted to see funding increased.
Housing advocates argue that Mayor Eric Adams plans to spend $22 billion over the next decade to preserve and build affordable housing in New York City falls far short of what he promised last year during his mayoral campaign.
Mayor Adams has called the creation of a program a “moral imperative” for the city.
Adams was elected as speaker by a vote of 49 to 2.
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