Adrian schoolcraft

The city said the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing, but the wrongdoing is extensively documented.
"There is no principle more fundamental or well-established than the right of a reporter to refuse to divulge a confidential source."
A victory for Officer Matthews would be a victory for whistleblowers.
"Assault becomes harassment, robbery becomes grand larceny, grand larceny becomes petit larceny, burglary becomes criminal trespass."
Photograph by lempkin on Flickr After claiming to be fired for
mheidelberger2000's flickr Another week, another commanding officer is caught confirming that
erinmelina's flickr Complaints by cops who allege that higher-ups have been
Yesterday, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly announced the formation of a new
After months of ignoring reports, shrugging off concerns, and generally denying
Quota memo from Brooklyn's 77th Precinct (via Daily News) The Bloomberg
dietrich's flickr The city is currently on track for a double-digit
Via Daily News After the Daily News published memos outlining the
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