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Poor Paddington LoveSnout was shot in the nose, with the arrow piercing through his tongue and going through his jaw.

A woman found the unmarked pooch and returned him nine days after he went missing.

Who wouldn't be touched by the Hobbit shoes, Heisenberg hat and intertwining limbs?

The adorable kittens who brought subway service to a standstill in Brooklyn last month after they were spotted frolicking on the train tracks have been adopted by a married couple in Brooklyn.

The Subway Kittens are ready to be adopted, and they won't be separated.

It's not every day that you come home to find a family of bears playing in your backyard, but that was exactly what happened when—OH JESUS CHRIST, IT'S STRAIGHT UP CHILLIN' ON THE SLIDE.

August and Arthur have everything a kitten could want: scratching posts, toys, tons of cardboard boxes to conquer, and two other cats to play with.

Today starting at noon, the ASPCA is having an adoption event in Brooklyn to try to get 30 pretty kitties, who were rescued from a cat hoarder after Hurricane Sandy, new homes.

The Suffolk County police rescued the world's most adorable baby deer from the frigid waters of Long Island. And then they fed it popcorn.

Embrace our modern era by clicking below and watching some preposterously cute, sleepy puppies "predict" the Super Bowl winner on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."