The mayoral hopeful was adopted as a baby by a Park Slope couple.
Previously, adoptees could try to petition a court to unseal their birth certificates.
Her name is Salvador Dolly and she is five weeks old.
His name is Barsik and he weighs 41 lbs, thank you very much.
Who who needs a HollyWOOF celebrity when there are so many wonderful stars-in-the-making at local shelters around the NYC area?
Or, "I Adopted My Cat On Cat Friday—AND SO CAN YOU!"
One of these dogs was found as a malnourished puppy, zipped into a suitcase left by a dumpster.
Maury is said to be frightened in the shelter environment. POOR MAURY.
It's not at Cronut Rain Room level, but just wait until the weekend.
You can always get adopted late-in-life by one of those elderly people who owns one.
A judge has refused to grant custody to the child's legal mother, saying it would be '"redundant."
Police rescued the nine kittens you see above, who are all 3 months old, from an unhealthy living situation, and now the ASPCA is looking for permanent homes for them.
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