Families have waited for weeks for information on middle and high school application details, which are typically issued earlier in the month.
Attorneys say ending admissions will lead to a fully integrated school system.
Once again, a small fraction of offers to the city’s specialized high schools went to black and Latinx students: this year it was 11%, though black and Latinx students make up around 70% of the school system.
The duo say that they remelted chocolate "in some of their early creations," during a time they call "a fun experimental year."
Jaafari travels with a NYPD detail, because of her father's position Syrian ambassador to the United Nations.
As if the college process weren't hard enough, Vassar College had to go and punk 76 of them into thinking they got into the popular liberal arts college.
At one elite private school, if your child has no connections to the school, he or she may only have a 2.4% chance of getting into its kindergarten program.
The office of undergraduate admissions at NYU sent out a strange
They may have grown up privileged and prepped for success from birth,
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