Admirals row

The Brooklyn Navy Yard now has a Wegmans and a 700 car parking lot, but here's what it used to look like.
The Rochester-based store will open in 2017 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The Admiral's Row buildings are still standing, and here's a look inside of them.
Let's all hug a preservationist this weekend—the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Admiral's Row homes will be bulldozed on Monday.
You can officially go inside of the Brooklyn Navy Yard starting this Friday!
Even though the National Guard and the city agreed to preserve
Future plans for Navy Yard, and the Timber Shed's current state
Here's a look at what the Brooklyn Navy Yard looked like back
For two hours a week, there's a museum off the BQE
Photo by Jake Dobkin Brooklyn Navy Yard's doomed Admiral's Row just
Photo by Jake Dobkin The Municipal Art Society attended a meeting
Photo via Officer's Row Long have the houses on Admiral's Row
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