Adam clayton powell

Two years after he was pulled over on DWI charges for
In 2008, police accused state Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV of
State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell 4th, Democrat and son of the trailblazing
At 6:30AM yesterday morning, federal agents delivered "wake-up" subpoenas to the Reverend
What do tourists like more than walking slowly in bunches, visiting
President Bush visited New York City yesterday to encourage Congress to
A frisking turned fatal last night in Harlem. Plainclothes police officer Robert
For the love of seeing our billionaire mayor join the ranks of
"Any father who would let his daughter be an intern in the
To follow up on the earlier story about the 19 year-old NY
A nineteen year-old intern for Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell 4th (Harlem; pictured,
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