Mr. Byford: Tear open these doors!
Goodbye, L train! Come back soon!
Present on NYC sidewalks, the invention has been crucial in making transportation more accessible.
A U.S. District Court judge on Wednesday ruled that the MTA violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it failed to install elevators during a 2013 renovation of a Bronx subway station.
"USB chargers and leaning benches don't do anything if you're in a wheelchair and you can't get into the station in the first place."
The plaintiff claims she was arrested and held overnight without an ASL interpreter.
Manhattan BP Gale Brewer's office studied 1,209 curb cuts along Broadway.
"My wife cheated on me and I left her. I ... started smoking marijuana, smoking marijuana heavily. I got addicted to it."
After cops were brought in to settle the dispute over the cab fare, Imran Ansari allegedly told them, “I’m a Brooklyn ADA and I outrank you."
"We should not go ahead with a so-called Taxi of Tomorrow that perpetuates a shamefully separate and unequal cab fleet for another decade," Liu said.
The attack was so bad, Soler didn't know if she was going to survive it: "She couldn’t pass air and thought she was going to die."
A Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney was arrested early this morning after he allegedly attacked an EMT worker who was trying to bring him to the hospital.
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