Ad campaign

This round of posters has a more upbeat agenda than the usual Health Department fare—assuring young girls that they're beautiful, no matter what New York City and its abundance of leggy twig people tells them.
Introducing: Sad Batman, staring into a can of his own Dewy despair.
What is the deeper meaning behind this naked mannequin and Hugh Hefner-esque figure?
To paraphrase Rob Lowe's character from "Parks And Recreation," cheese is LITERALLY the greatest thing on Earth. Which makes a new anti-cheese ad campaign, which connects cheese with obesity, all the more distressing to us.
“Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid" is the new "Are you pouring on the pounds?"
The Boy Scouts have a new, strangely mesmerizing ad campaign featuring little boys with long scraggily beards.
A controversial ad campaign designed to help men soothe their crazy PMSing girlfriends (with milk!) has ended a month ahead of schedule, following widespread outrage.
Are you a man living with PMS? Soothe your banshee of a woman with milk.
Behold this incredible Breakfast Pockets ad, which will leave you questioning your faith in science and possibly humanity.
In this "Train of Thought," E.B. White espouses the virtues of
You may have noticed that the MTA is rolling out a
The GMHC ads that were previously shown in bathrooms at gay
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