Despite their complaints about Murphy, environmentalists say his Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli would be worse. But they’re still calling on the incumbent to stop the expansion of natural gas.
A new wave of local pro-Palestinian activism highlights the change in narrative, post-George Floyd.
Supported by masses in the streets, seasoned police reform activists were positioned to take the ball and run—with ideas, reports and legislation at the ready.
Despite a drop in eviction and housing complaints, the battle between landlords and tenants is far from over.
Bronx resident Marco Saavedra deliberately got himself detained and later crossed into Mexico, all to raise awareness about immigration reform.
The City Council bill has activists and community leaders locked in a debate about animal cruelty and cultural traditions.
Okoumou was charged with three misdemeanors for protesting the Trump Administration's separation of families at the border.
Patricia Okoumou faces 18 months in jail for climbing the Statue of Liberty last July 4.
A week after the blackouts in Venezuela, chaos and confusion are still rampant.
'Having a sense of the way that folks organized around these issues and support community members is really helpful.'
The triumphant activists gathered in Jackson Heights on Thursday night for an Amazon victory party featuring a mariachi band, chants of "Bye Bezos," and a pinata depicting the Amazon CEO's face.
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