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'Short of wearing a bag over his head, I was totally cool with whatever he wanted to do. They just said, 'Could he wear a fake nose?' I was like, 'Sure!' I didn't know what it was gonna look like.'

'I've had a career most actors would die for so no one has to feel sorry for me.'

"Most of the things you do in life, they disappear immediately afterwards."

Just more proof that Moore is truly the greatest actress of her generation, and Nicole Kidman is nothing more than a sniffly assassin.

Jonathan Banks stopped by Gothamist HQ to talk about "Better Call Saul," his rapport with Ken Jeong, living on the Upper West Side, John Steinbeck, and the best ham to pair with cider.

As he puts it: "What you have to understand about the quadruple take [is that I'm stoned out of my gourd]."

With all due respect, De Niro has been coasting big time for about 14 years now, and we have a birthday plea for him: can you please take a good role in a good movie?

Gandolfini lived all over the city, from Astoria to Clinton, to Park Slope to the Upper West Side.